The Boujee Brunch

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The absolute upmost in decadence, this brunch is designed to start your day in style!

£30 inc delivery

The Dairy
- Brie
- 2x Sicilian Lemon Yoghurt with dried Mango and edible rose petals

The Savoury
- 2 x Croissants
- Charcoal Crackers
- Walnuts

The Sugar
- 2x Buttered and 2x Chocolate Dipped Waffles
- Macarons
- Italian Cantuccini
- Ferrero Roche

Packed with seasonal fruits fresh and dried.

Extras £1 each (1 item per option, if you’d like 2 Crumpets, add Crumpet twice for example!)
- Crumpets
- Chocolate Brioche
- Crepes
- Strawberries

This box includes nuts and other allergens such as wheat and gluten.

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