J’adore S’more

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"J’adore S’more"

Our most fun Graze yet!
Containing it’s very own Marshmallow toaster and skewers ready for you to roast up a gooey storm!

£25 inc delivery

The Sugar
- Marshmallows
- Liebniz biscuits in Milk, Dark and White Chocolate
- Lotus sandwich biscuits with creme centre
- Milk, dark and white chocolate blocks
- Toffee Popcorn
- Lindt Truffles
- Ferrerro Roche
- Kinder Beuno fingers

The fruit
- Strawberries and or Cherries (seasonal variation may apply)

*Ethanol chafing fuel can suitable for use with food. Unsuitable for use by children unattended.

***This box includes nuts and other allergens such as wheat and gluten.

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