The Cream Tea

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"The Cream Tea"

The very Traditional Cream Tea. Perfect for summer afternoons, events or to show a loved one you care!

The Bread:

-Selection of sandwiches
-Egg mayonnaise
-Tuna and sweetcorn
-3 Cheese


-Prawn cocktail
-Cucumber and cream cheese with coronation chicken

The Sugar:

-2 Full size Scones
-Mini cakes including Chocolate brownies, Macarons, Chocolate eclairs, Custard Slices, Hazelnut Truffles

The Dairy:

-Clotted Cream

A selection of Berries included along with Traditional Lemonades and Tea

This box may include nuts and other allergens such as wheat and gluten.

‘These items are limited to delivery for Mother’s Day Weekend only currently, please choose dates inclusive of 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th March only’


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